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Privacy Policy

P.O. CONSULTING handles personal information of its clients in accordance with Act no. 90/2018 on the protection of personal data and the processing of personal data (the Data Protection Act) and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data. Privacy and related security are key elements in the activities of P.O. CONSULTING.

P.O. CONSULTING Privacy Policy is as follows:

In general

P.O. CONSULTING emphasizes:

  • the highest security of its customers personal information and data.

  • that all personal information is handled in accordance with laws and rules on personal protection and processing of personal information.

  • that the processing of personally identifiable information is limited, to the extent that it is possible to provide the services that the company is required to provide to clients.

  • responsible processing of information about clients and all  processing is done in a responsible, safe and legal manner.

  • that all information about its clients who provide the company or that P.O. CONSULTING obtains with their permission from a third party, is only collected for the purpose of providing the service to which they are entitled and/or have requested.

P.O. CONSULTING practices:

  • to use only personal information for lawful purposes.

  • that when clients personal data is shared with third parties, as part of service, for legitimate purposes, e.g., for technical maintenance or payment services, P.O. CONSULTING undertakes that the processing of such information is limited to the services to be provided.

  • to ensure the full confidentiality of third parties in the processing of personally identifiable information.

  • that the clients of P.O. CONSULTING are the owners of their own personal data, have access to such information, together with nominated P.O. CONSULTING employees.

Statistical summaries

  • P.O. CONSULTING does not compile personally identifiable statistical summaries and other derivative information.

The company's website

  • On the Company's Website (Website), the Company may collect technical information on use, e.g., about the type of browser, what websites users visit the website, the total time users spend on the website, etc. This kind of information is only used to improve the user experience of the service, e.g., by improving the design of the service or informing users of possible technical problems in their equipment. No personally identifiable information should be collected during such processing.

Information to 3rd parties

  • P.O. CONSULTING undertakes not to hand over or share its data to third parties unless the company is obliged to do so by law or according to a written request / authorization of the client and as part of the service rendered, either in legal proceedings or in another forum.

Accounting data

  • P.O. CONSULTING accounting documents are stored in accordance with the security requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act and the Act on the Accounting and Preservation of Accounting. The storage and storage of such information are in compliant to relevant laws.

Limitation of liability

  • To the extent permitted by applicable law, P.O. CONSULTING shall not be liable for any incident that may arise as a result of how the service is used or provided, except if such incident can be traced to gross negligence/willful misconduct or intentional misconduct.

  • P.O. CONSULTING is not responsible for delays in the service or that the service does not work properly due to force majeure.

Law and jurisdiction

  • This privacy policy is subject to Icelandic law. Disputes that may arise or in connection with this privacy policy shall be resolved before the Reykjavík District Court, if it cannot be resolved in any other way.


  • P.O. CONSULTING reserves the right to change and update this privacy policy at any time. We announce such changes on the company's website.

Contact information

  • If you require further information regarding P.O. CONSULTING privacy policy, please contact the company's office at e-mail;

Trust and confidentiality are one of P.O. CONSULTING guidelines and the company places great emphasis on ensuring the security of all information, including personal information, which customers of P.O. CONSULTING trust the company in its operations and service.

Approved by the company's board, on July 15, 2018

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