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Pall graduated with a law degree from the University of Iceland and holds an MBA degree. He is a lawyer with a license to litigate in a district court, has been a partner in P.O. Consulting - law firm since 2002 and a member of the Icelandic Bar Association from the same time.

Pall has experience in a variety of legal services which covers Scandinavia, Europe, and the Americas.

  • Pall's main areas are:

    • Company and Commercial law

    • Contract law

    • European law

    • Administrative law

    • Financial restructuring and corporate finance 

    • Consulting and contracting for film production companies and related matters.

    • Legal and business consulting. Páll has experience as boardmember. Pall was a member of the Swedish - Icelandic Chamber of Commerce. 

  • Pall was the chairman of Truenorth for 10 years and legal counsel, building the company from start together with strong co-owners and employees.

  • Pall was a partner in a Brokerage firm, worked in corporate 

       finance. The company had a cooperation agreement with 

       Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS).

  • Previously Pall work for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, The District Commissioner, The Directorate of Health, and The District Court.

  • Education:

    • Reykjavík University, MBA  

    • District Court Attorney 

    • University of Iceland, cand.jur.  

    • University of Groningen  

    • Auburn University USA 

    • Copenhagen Int. School 

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